Founded in 2007, we are honored to celebrate a decade of fourOsix.


Looking Back

Learn from the past. Remember it, don't live in it.

We had more passion than knowledge. A moment of pause, deep breath, focus... GO.

From our infancy, we strived to bring together & build a community of adventurers & explorers. Dreamers, doers, artists, musicians, athletes of all disciplines... those who truly appreciate this life and pursue it to the fullest. So, we did just that. 

What a ride it has been!


Looking Forward

We have been shaped by those who have helped build us. 

Families, friends, educators, mentors, employees, and of course our supporters & customers.

People like you.

We hear time & time again from our supporters that they wish we had a wider variety in products & designs of our fourOsix product. We have heard you.

It is with much pride & great pleasure that we have now expanded our fourOsix goods into flannels, jackets, sweaters, bags, beanies, accessories, baby & kids clothing, as well as a greatly expanded offering of designs, colors, & fabrics of our shirts, sweatshirts, & hats!

Moving forward, we will be doing even more artist collaborations, as well as collaborations with other businesses, non-profits, & organizations that share our love for Montana and ethos for sustainability, community, & an active outdoor lifestyle.

We will be hosting more events (both in-store & out), and will continue to support other events around the state.

We thank you for YOUR continued support as we navigate this next decade of fourOsix...

& beyond.


-Alex "Papu" Rincon, fourOsix*