About Us


fourOsix: Limitless Creativity

fourOsix is a lifestyle shop that promotes art, music, style, forward thinking & Montana living. It is a retail store that operates with a strong focus on community & social responsibility. The store is located in the heart of downtown Helena, Montana, and was founded by Alex “Papu” Rincon in 2007.

The name “four ‘O’ six” was chosen to represent Montana, because it is the only area code for the entire state, (406). The store’s primary purpose is to contribute to the local community and promote Montana lifestyle. The unique products carried at fourOsix compliment the interests of many Montanans including art, music, culture, style, travel, snow-sports, Montana summers, community, forward thinking and healthy living… just to name a few.

Though fourOsix is not a non-profit venture, it invests most of its profit back into the community. It contributes time and resources to local schools, organizes & funds art, music & recreation events around Montana, sponsors a multitude of national, state & local non-profits whose sole objectives are to better the lives of those in the local communities, and it does all of those things through the success of fourOsix. Since the store’s infancy, its goal was and still is to build a successful brand while simultaneously making a positive impact to its local community and economy not just through words, but rather by action.