fourOsix Decal - Small

fourOsix Decal - Small


fourOsix Decals have been sighted all around the world!

These decals are made of premium vinyl and can be put on just about any smooth surface (like a window, water bottle, laptop, dolphin, etc…).

Size: 5.75'' wide X 2'' tall


To apply decal:  Always start with a clean, dry surface...

  1. Before peeling the masking (clear top layer) apart from the backing (white paper back layer), squeegee or rub down the entire sticker to ensure firm contact between the vinyl (fourOsix sticker) & the masking. This can be done with your library card or your finger tip.

  2. Slowly peel the masking layer away from the white paper backing layer. The vinyl fourOsix sticker should be stuck face first to the clear masking layer. Discard (recycle) backing paper.

  3. Apply the masking/sticker to your desired placement/location. Use your fingertip to rub down/squeegee the letters of the fourOsix sticker (pretend you're writing fourOsix with your finger, apply pressure for a strong bond).

  4. Slowly remove clear masking layer. Start peeling in one corner and SLOWLY peel masking to the opposite corner until completely removed. All that should remain is the fourOsix vinyl.

  5. Step back and admire your amazing fourOsix sticker application skills. Well done… now go adventure!

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